Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Get a Degree in Drinking

While you feel like your undergrad money went to advanced drinking, jager shots and shot gunning beers don't count when it comes to the big leagues of official imbibing.

BarSmarts is an online bartender's training program (think a more interesting University of Phoenix) where you can learn the tools of the trade in your pjs.

BarSmarts offers two programs - BarSmarts Advanced ($85) and BarSmarts WIRED ($65). Each of the program's training tools were completed by lauded NY bartender Dale DeGroff. What each program boils down to is level of experience - BarSmarts Advanced is an invitation-only program that meets up in these cities for Fall 2010:

Las Vegas, October 19th
Chicago, November 2nd
Dallas, November 9th
Los Angeles, November 11th

BarSmarts WIRED is registration opens up on July 1, 2010, for a 2 month window. Registrants have 30 days to finish the program. So hurry, hurry.

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