Monday, October 25, 2010

Champagne Trivia

Who's Infamous breasts were used to mold the original champagne saucer?

Was it:
(A) Helen of Troy
(B) Marie-Antoinette
(C) Madame de Pompadour
(D) Charles Heidsieck J

The Answer: It's a trick question...sorry. The Champagne Coupe (or what we call Champagne Saucer here in the US) was thought to have been originally molded after the breast of Marie-Antoinette. That is a myth as it was invented a century before Marie Antoinette in England. It was invented as the ladies of court did not like the champagne bubbles tickling their noses. Therefore a glass was created that was short and flat to create more surface area to dissipate the bubbles much faster. However, Marie-Antoinette did have a champagne saucer molded after her own breast, but it wasn't the original.

Contributor: Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan
Master of Wine Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan is one of only a few hundred people in the world and one of only 26 people in the United States to have achieved the Master of Wine title from the Institute of Masters of Wine in London, England-the highest accolade and the most difficult title to achieve in the world of wine.

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