Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Give the Gift of a $1 Drink

When virtual gifting came to pass I was a little annoyed by the whole pointlessness of it all. Send flowers, send a smile, send a box of candy filled with nothing but pixels! Aside from maybe the Michael Jackson glove, these little digital gestures were dead to me. Well, now I have to eat my words, or drink them more like, thanks to bartab.

After a long seminar day of social media talk, these guys from bartab woke the audience with talks gifting drinks. Real drinks!

Here's how it works:

1) Buy a five dollar credit through bartab's website (or iPhone app)
2) Buy $1 drinks for yourself or a facebook friend
3) Reedem (via text, email or iPhone app) and pay the bar $1

= $2 drinks

This new service is only available in San Fran, LA and NYC, but brewing rapidly around the country.  Check out their website to find out how this well-oiled drink distribution system works.

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