Friday, January 21, 2011

Upgrade Your Bar

Party season is over and it's time to replace the usual suspects. You and your new bar can enjoy a little one-on-one time without the pressure of over-hyped spirits. The following recommendations come from The Spirit, so I cannot be held responsible for matters of taste. I welcome recommendations for any spirit, as I'm an equal opportunity taster.

You're out of Grey Goose:  
Replace it with: Tito's Vodka

You're out of: Tanqueray
Replace it with: Death’s Door Gin

You're out of: Captain Morgan  
Replace it with: The Lash Spiced Rum 

You're out of: Jim Beam or Jack Daniel's  
Replace it with: Evan Williams Single Barrel 2001 

You're out of: PatrĂ³n
Replace it with: Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Blanco 

You're out of: Scotch  
Replace it with: More of your Scotch 

Read more about these selections on The Spirit.

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